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2022 Rules

PONY Baseball is changing some rules effective for the Spring 2018 season.

NEW AGE CHANGE RULE – Effective Jan. 2018

Change Birth Date to August 31 (from April 30).

Why? The age cut-off will be pushed back to August to better align with school cut-off ages. This also aligns with the Little League age cut-off.

RBA Impact: Some current RBA players might lose a year in a division in 2018 and have to skip to the next higher division. Players born May 1 to August 31 will be affected. For example, those first-year Pinto players (under the April 30 cut-off) in Spring 2017, would be a first year Mustang player in Spring 2018 under the new August 31 cut-off.

NEW BAT RULE – Effective Jan. 2018

All other minus factor bats (-5, -7, -9, etc.) must be YBBCOR Certified (USA Bat Licensing Stamp on bat).

Why?  It is for Safety. USA Baseball's national member organizations believe that a wood-like performance standard will best provide for the long-term integrity of the game. These bats are made to mimic wood bats, lessening the "pop" factor and thus, reducing the potential injuries from hard hit balls, especially come-backers to pitchers.

RBA Impact: All players will have to use YBBCOR or BBCOR stamped bats. Bat manufacturers should start making these bats available in 2017. Non-YBBCOR and non-BBCOR stamped bats will NOT be permitted starting on January 1, 2018.

NEW PITCHING RULE – Effective Jan. 2018

Any team member may pitch, subject to restrictions of pitch count as recommended by PITCH SMART guidelines for that particular classification.

Why? PONY Baseball has never governed the number of pitches a pitcher could throw. They only governed the number of innings. This rule aligns them with the national standard in the effort to limit wear and tear on our young players' arms.

RBA Impact: RBA has always had rules around the number of innings pitched. Our rules will be tweaked to align with these new regulations.



  1. No tobacco of any type, alcohol, illegal drugs, or food will be allowed in the field and dugout areas. Alcohol and illegal drugs are also forbidden anywhere on the premises.
  2. Game starting times will have a fifteen (15) minute grace period. Any team failing to field nine (9) players by the end of the grace period will forfeit the game. The rule applies to all divisions 8 & Under and higher.
  3. Managers will play each member of their team a minimum of two (2) innings with at least one (1) time at bat. If any player does not receive the above, he/she will start the next game and play a minimum of 4 consecutive innings. This rule is for all divisions. If the manager does not follow this rule, the manager will be suspended for the next 2 games after the incident has been reported. After the second violation, the manager will  be removed. Note: Minimum playing time requirements do not apply if players have unexcused absences from practices and games. Managers will report any potential player sanctions or disciplinary actions to the player agent and/or the Vice President as well as the player’s parents.
  4. Managers will not cancel or reschedule any games for any reason without the approval of the President or the Vice President.
  5. If any managers(s) cancel a game without approval, the game will not be rescheduled, and the manager or managers will both receive a loss in the standings.
  6. Any person or persons interested in taking a team to a tournament, sanctioned or unsanctioned must have the approval of the Rodeo Baseball Association Board.
  7. All Logo’ed attire or attire that has any imprinting, screen printing or labeling of any kind that references or represents Rodeo Baseball, RBA, etc. must be approved by the board in advance and should be ordered through the league’s equipment manager unless other board approved arrangements have been made.  Failure  to comply may result in the removal of the manager and/or coaches responsible.
  8. Managers and Coaches are required to wear league approved jersey and hat during games.

Games Lengths & Times